Penny Dreadful Season 3: Last First Impressions

As of this morning, post-season 3 finale, it’s still unclear if Penny Dreadful is coming back. The finale felt like a series finale, although the show could easily do an anthology-style continuation or spin off a character or two (Catriona Hartdegen anyone?). Just confirmed that the season finale was the apparently planned series finale: EW interview with John Logan and David Nevins from Showtime HERE.

I passionately loved this show and am baffled that it didn’t bring in more viewers, though it has a rabid fanbase. Penny Dreadful was horror with depth and heart, stunning imagery, and a fiercely talented cast. Eva Green, if you hadn’t noticed yet, is a goddess, absolutely fearless. I will miss it terribly.

Here are some thoughts on season 3, its last. (SPOILERS)

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Penny Dreadful Season 3: Last First Impressions